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CareEvolution’s Orchestrate APIs enable developers to author healthcare apps ranging from consumer-facing portals to population health analytics. Learn more about the APIs, including detailed tutorials, use cases, and API references.

Organize Terminology

The Terminology API will standardize and link inconsistently coded source data, including uncoded free text, to well-known reference code systems and ontologies.

Convert Between Data Formats

The Convert API transforms your input data between standardized formats (FHIR, HL7, C-CDA, and more) and enhances the output through terminology normalization, de-duplication, and combining FHIR bundles to create a consolidated single person record.

Gain Valuable Insights

The Insight API computes advanced derived data elements, such as condition profiles, risk strata, and gaps in care.

Unlock Patient Matching

The Identity API brings world-class patient matching into your solution, enabling privacy-preserving (blinded) patient matching across a spectrum of data sources and use cases.