Integrating with MuleSoft

The Orchestrate Convert API Anypoint Connector for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform lets you easily utilize the Convert API in workflows with minimal coding experience.

Example Workflows

Using Anypoint Studio, you could have one of the Convert API operations triggered by a message listener. For example, receiving HL7 messages and converting them to FHIR:

You could even chain multiple Convert API operations together (e.g., convert multiple inputs to FHIR then combine the bundles), or use a selector to process messages of varying types:

Getting Started

  1. Create a free account at the Orchestrate Developer Portal.
  2. Get your Orchestrate API Key.
  3. Get the Orchestrate Convert API Anypoint Connector from the Anypoint Exchange.
  4. When you incorporate the connector into a new or existing project in Anypoint Studio, you will need to create a new connector configuration.
  1. Enter your API key on the configuration’s “General” tab.
  1. If you use the connector again for another operation, you can select the existing configuration.